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Christina Aguilera Nude

Christina Aguilera Nude

From Star Search, to Mickey Mouse Club, to national sex symbol, let's face it she's just fucking hot. I've seen her naked. You want to see her naked too.


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Like so many critics have said, Burlesque was nothing to write home about when it came to acting or originality, but Christina Aguilera made quite a performance. Yet they still all have responded with one very similar cry; “When can i see it again?”. Just like many poorly thought out movies, Burlesque relied very much on the characters/actors to fill the holes in the movie. Now although it was not the casts’ career making performance; it certainly wasn’t short on entertainment.

For one, the sultry & beautiful Christina Aguilera looked absolutely fabulous. Her gleaming blonde hair and pouty looked played well for her in this overused character type. She’s a far cry prettier and sexier than the Coyote Ugly girl, of which its theme was very much present in Burlesque. Unluckily for Christina, she had to play a role that has been used in every type of over the top college film and rising star flick. But the way she wore those outfits and costumes pushed the film over the hump.

Quite obviously the Siren & Angelic voice of Christina Aguilera made the musical aspect a hit when you work in the vocal talent of both Cher & Christina. Some of the greatest parts of the film are with Christina all glammed up belting out yet another powerhouse song that rattles your bones and gives a slight tingle. Definitely better than any musical release in the last couple years, both on tv and in the theaters.

All in all it is the small moments within the movies subtext that make this watchable, likable, and wonderful. The classic aura of Cher and her voice combined with the sex appeal and soul of Christina Aguilera and her voice give this film enough stars to spend your hard earned money on a ticket. It may be your niche’, so check it out.


Guys have been looking for Christina Aguilera nude photos ever since she started getting popular with her pop hits like Genie in a Bottle. Who didn’t love her back then – the typical girl next door is what she seemed like. But as she got older she tried to appeal to a new audience and she started getting – well, Dirty, I guess you could say. Then there was really a demand for Christina Aguilera nude pictures!

She’s not exactly pure because you can find quite a few pictures of her naked body online but there are more that you likely don’t know about! If you got hard seeing her in that Dirty video you have to come check out these naked photos of Christina. Since she became a mommy, her body has gotten curvier and is even hotter than the body she showed off in her younger years.

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Christina Aguilera See-Through

Christina Aguilera See-Through

What a voice, what a body! You just can’t beat that combo…. don’t even try! The great thing about her is that she keeps changing up her looks… even I, being a superfan of her, find it tough to keep up! The one thing that always stays the same is that killer body of hers, including that saucy little nipple ring that keeps showing itself in some of the more racier photos of her.

She’s a huge talent too, so it’s great that we can enjoy some great nude shots of her with her music. She is such a gifted musician and entertainer, I’d love to see if she has other, equally entertaining, talents!! Wanna see Christina Aguilera nude? Well, you don’t have to look any further because, thankfully, she’s quite comfortable showing her body!!

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Christina Aguilera Nude

Christina Aguilera Nude

There are few photos that instantly give me a raging hard-on, and… gentle readers.. it’s my pleasure to announce that this is one of them. Just look at those enormous tits… they almost look out of place on her small frame (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I love how you can just barely… but not quite… see that fabulous pussy below the frame of the mirror. (The best thing about seeing Christina Aguilera nude in front of the mirror is seeing TWO of her!!)

Even though you can’t see it, I can just imagine its hairless, damp wonderfulness ready for me to enjoy! A lot of people are turned off by her promiscuity, but to me, that’s what I love about her. Her sexuality is tremendous, and radiates off of her like a neon sign saying ‘fuck me!’ My girlfriend says she is too dirty…. but, to me, if being that dirty is wrong, then I don’t want to be clean!

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For many women, they idolize Christina Aguilera. What has she been up to? You would be quite surprised. There are many good things that she has been doing and you have come to the right spot to read up about her. Here is the latest dish we have found about her.

She has really been in the news and it’s not all for good reasons either. It is reported that earlier in the month, she was arrested for a DUI. Could she have a drinking problem? Well, she wasn’t alone when she got arrested. So, was her boyfriend Matt Rustler. However, after she was let out of jail, she was seen not long afterwards out on the town.

It was reported that after she and Rustler were let out, she was out to eat with him days later. Of course the photographers were there as well. They just love a juicy picture. They put her and Rustler secretly in a limo. Quite sneaky of them don’t you think?

Lately, friends of Aguilera say they have been worried about her. Many of you know that in October, she had gone through a nasty divorce with Jordan Bratman. Everyone thinks she’s doing well. When we see her in the media, she seems to be smiling. However, many of her friends say otherwise. They say that she is focusing more on her fans and putting on a façade rather than really giving herself time to grieve. However, that doesn’t stop Aguilera. She has high plans.

It was just recently announced that this hit wonder is to be a coach. A coach for what you ask. She is going to be the coach for the hit show The Voice which airs on NBC. She won’t be the only one though. She will be coaching with Cee Lo Green as well as Adam Levine. Being a Grammy winner and being a woman who loves music, she supports this show that will premier in April for the way they are encouraging people with a knack for the arts. This is a great thing for Christina as for many of these artists who are striving to be musical wonders like she is; she is an idol for them.

In a recent interview with her, she has expressed that getting to where she is right now was not an easy task. She openly admitted that she stumbled along the way. It is the stumbling she did that she hopes allows her to give other young musicians a chance. You don’t always become a great hit overnight and that is what she wants to share, that and her good looks. What she is to do is pick her musicians and mentor them and they will compete against other musicians that have been mentored by people like Blake Sheldon and other well know people who are famous musical wonders.

This is the latest buzz on her. Her good looks and her talent will pay off in April and you can tune in to be a part of it. How much can she do with others who are beginning just like she once had? We shall see.

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Christina Aguilera Nipples

Christina Aguilera Nipples

It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing a photo of Christina and her famous right nipple ring! I absolutely love women with nipple
jewelery… there’s something so sexy about the mating of flesh and steel, especially on such a hot chick like Christina. But, keeping such an extreme piece of jewellry on such a sensitive part of your body isn’t without its risk.

Back in 2006 she actually tore her nipple right off of her breast when she accidentally snagged it while brushing her hair!!! I get shivers just thinking about it! OWWWWCH! Thankfully some very lucky surgeons were able to reattach it, and I happy to report that her nipple made a full recovery. Thank goodness for that, because seeing Christina Aguilera nude wouldn’t be quite as fun if she was missing a nipple!!!




Christina Aguilera nude…. is there anything sweeter in life? Well, this photo of her at some sort of Gala comes pretty damned close! Check out those magnificent tits, capped off by two of the most incredible nipples every created by nature. The best thing about her, however, is that underneath those breathtaking breasts lies a heart of gold.

She is involved in a lot of very worthy causes like PETA, GLAAD and efforts to stop world hunger. Isn’t that great? Of course, I’d be laying that appreciation on pretty thick if I ever get the chance to try my rap out on her. After all, you’ve gotta butter the bread before you take a bite, right? All of the efforts she puts forth, the money she gives, the time she gives out, proves that she’s more… MUCH more… than just a pretty face. I’ll be thinking about that the next time I am furiously jerking off to her latest music video..!!

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There is something about Christina Aguilera that reminds me very strongly of Cher. Both are strong, sexy and confident women (as well as both being girls I’d love to put to the sword, if you know what I mean…!!) …. I just found out that both will be starring in a movie together called ‘Burlesque’. I am looking forward to this film…. I just can’t get enough of my Christina!!! I really hope she will be singing in it, because first and foremost… she’s a fucking amazing vocalist.

The question is, however… can she act??! I’ve seen every one of her music videos, and I think she’s definitely got the chops to do some legitimate roles. However, all that aside, there is one important question that we cannot forget to ask and ponder upon: will we see Christina Aguilera nude in the film? I sure to God hope so!!!!

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Christina Aguilera See-Through

Christina Aguilera See-Through

Obviously, this photo was taken before she got her nipple ring! I love love love love LOVE seeing Christina Aguilera nude…. either in part or in whole! She is, bar none, the sexiest woman in music today! Very few girls can pull of constantly showing such a sexy midriff – and have it remain consistently sexy!! I love how she intentionally makes herself look trashy… skimpy clothes, plastering on the makeup, lotsa skin… It’s a look that I think needs to make a comeback!

Too many actresses and singers are too concerned with keeping a prim and proper image. That’s all fine and good for legitimate actresses or singers trying to be something they aren’t, but sometimes guys just want a little tits and ass. Guys are life support systems for an erect penis, and occasionally we need a nice, sleazy, sexy girl like Christina to stick it in!!! The good thing about Christina is that she’s the whole package… talent, and a sexy hole for my cock…. if only I were so lucky!!

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Christina Aguilera in a tight shirt? Consider my day made! I love it when girls wear shirts so tight you can see what’s underneath the thin, stretched fabric…. especially when the girl is sporting funbags big enough to cause such damage!!! I also love how she has no shame when it comes to showing off that fabulous body of hers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a music video, photo shoot or a public appearance… if Christina is involved, prepare to get turned on!

The only thing better than seeing Christina Aguilera naked is seeing her in whatever sexy getup she chooses to wear. It’s hilarious that she’s appearing at an event sponsored by Dirty Sue, because if I were to compare her to a drink, it would certainly be a Martini. Sharp, smooth and sexy, and best served dirty with two large olives. Christina’s a girl that leaves me both shaken AND stirred!!

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christinaaguileranude4Yes, she is very proud of her tits, which we can tell by the fact that I don’t think I’ve seen any pics of her that don’t accentuate them. That said, she has a RIGHT to be proud! They’re great boobs! I love them, and would take hold and plow my cock between them in a HEARTBEAT!

But I can’t, so I must limit myself to my collection of topless and full nudes I have of her. At least that eases my balls at night!

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Christina Aguilera Nude

Christina Aguilera Nude

Christina Aguilera naked and in water – it’s a cocktail made in the sleazy tavern of my dreams!! Despite being a ‘Dirty’ girl, she cleans up pretty good… and what way to make a dirty girl better than to put her in water (except maybe fuck her in water… that would be great too!!)

Despite having a pretty damaged and abusive childhood, I find it so inspirational that she was able to throw off the shackles of her less-than-stellar past and become one of the top pop divas of our generation. Not only that, she also let her talent guide her way through her tough times and never let her misery get in the way of her dreams!! You could see during her first public performance on Star Search back in 1990 – she’s a strong, vibrant, tough and confident woman – all wrapped in a nice, hot, sexy package. You go girl!!

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Sexy Christina Topless

Sexy Christina Topless

As sexual as she is, she seems like she’s a fun loving girl! Look at how she is playfully inviting me to taste her sweet boobs!!! She is truly the chameleon of the music world, always mixing her look and image up. One minute she’s a prim and proper diva ready to deliver a heartfelt song to a captive audience, the next she’s a raging sex kitten looking to jump on the first erect cock she sees (hopefully mine!!)

It makes being a fan of hers exciting, because no matter how close you try to follow her, you never know what you’re going to see next!! For me, however, it doesn’t matter much she changes, because underneath the ever-changing costumes, hair, makeup and styles, she’ll always be my sweet Christina (she’s naked under there, too!!!)

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Christina Aguilera Topless

Christina Aguilera Topless

What a great day! Any day that has me staring at her amazing tits is definitely a day worth remembering. She has one of those great bellies that just invite you to explore further. I love to fantasize cupping her flat stomach with my hand, and slowly sliding it down her smooth, muscular skin…. eventually my fingers will meet the stubble that is the natural byproduct of proper vaginal grooming (I always imagine her as a shaver, and not a waxer), and I’ll start to slow down a little… anticipating the moist, slippery womanflesh just beyond my fingertips. After letting her know my intentions, it’s time to get down to business.

Even though we all have a pretty good idea what Christina Aguilera naked looks like, it would still be a thrill nonetheless. She’s a girl that you can fuck all night, and she’ll keep coming back for more… I can only imagine what a heavenly pleasure that must be, and what sort of tricks she has up her sexual sleeves. Any way you look at it, Christina and I are a match made in heaven!

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